Had a Little Dirt Bike Accident

My buddies and I go out in the desert on the weekends about once a month. Of course we act like fools on occasion, but we do not act like idiots. A lot of the time you will see guys out there who are so drunk that they could not really operate a bar stool safely. We do not do any real drinking until we get done for the day. I had to go see a Phoenix chiropractor after we got back this time and it was my own fault for not realizing that these other guys were simply a menace to society. One of them simply ran me off of the trail trying to pass me. Of course I came out of it better than he did. They had to call an ambulance for him. He went careening off of a ledge and when he came down it was really ugly. He was laying on the ground and we could hardly stand to look at his left leg. It was bent around into a position that your leg should never be in. I was not even sure it was still connected to the rest of him.

It was only after the excitement died down that I realized I had hurt my back. I had some cuts and bruises, but I was fired up when I got out from under my back. I got up and I was ready to kick some butt, then I realized this guy no longer needed anyone else to hurt him. He had done a really good job of hurting himself. Adrenalin is really an amazing substance. I was really geared up, I suppose like an amphetamine or something. You feel like you could lick an army, but when it wore off I was hurting bad.