Why I Keep Seeing My Chiropractor in San Diego

My brother and I were fishing and he saw me rolling my neck around and stretching the muscles in my shoulders. He quipped how I probably should go see my “back cracker” again. My brother did not have back pain. He is younger than me, and does not do what I do for a living. He was suspicious of chiropractic medicine calling them “quackopractors.” He never meant any meanness, he was just being my brother. He could not understand the ongoing relationship I had with my chiropractor in San Diego. He compared it to going to see a regular doctor. He would say how if you have a sinus infection, you go to the doctor once and get a pill that fixes you up. He said going back to my chiropractor on a regular basis sounded odd.

Well, my brother has diabetes and I do not. I asked him about seeing his endocrinologist every three months. He thought that was different. I just continued to explain that we both have chronic conditions that are helped by ongoing therapy. If I do not go in for adjustments, I hurt really bad. If I do not do my exercises for a few days, I will start to hurt constantly. If he does not keep his blood sugar under control, he feels miserable. His doctor helps him make adjustments for how his life changes seasonally and as he ages. After that explanation, he conceded that it made sense, but he still made his usual jokes about chiropractors. I have heard “back cracker” so many times I even say it when I am telling someone when I am going to an appointment.

All I know is that I can go into the office of my chiropractor in San Diego and walk out without pain. My exercises help me avoid the most severe of the pain. The adjustments are like taking a pain pill, and the exercises are like going through rehab. Combined, they keep me going.