Feeling Better After a Arthritis Diagnosis

When my mom was diagnosed with arthritis while still in her 50s, she nearly became depressed over the diagnosis. After talking with her, she explained that if she was already getting a condition that she didn’t think she would get until she was well into her 70s, then she wondered what else was going to happen sooner rather than later. I hated seeing her that way, so I started researching everything I could on arthritis. What I discovered surprised me a good bit, because I discovered that a chiropractor in Corte Madera would be able to help her with this.

While there is no cure for what was ailing my mom, there was definitely a way to diminish the symptoms so my mom could continue on leading a healthy and fun life. When I talked with her about it, she did not want to go at first. That also surprised me because I thought she would do anything to feel better about her arthritis. She confessed that she didn’t see how a doctor who treats accident victims could also help her, so I had to explain to her how her view of chiropractic care was very limited to the actual reality of it.

This was something I had learned too while researching the different chiropractors in the area, because I wanted her to go to the one that was going to make her feel not only comfortable but better too. That ended up being the chiropractor in Corte Madera, and Mom finally agreed to go. It took about six weeks of treatments before my mom started feeling much better throughout her entire body. While she went there for treatment for her arthritis, it actually benefited her entire body. I was so impressed with how she was feeling afterwards that I go there now too!