I Need to Go See My Chiropractor As Soon As the Pain Starts

What pain words are in your vocabulary? Do you say “Ouch” a lot? How about a good old-fashioned “Oww?” When my back catches, I will give out an exclamatory “Oh!” Sometimes I just grab my back and catch myself saying, “Stupid back pain!” My wife says I groan and made caveman noises when I get out of bed during the pain times with my back too. When I start using more pain words, I go see my Orland Park chiropractor for relief. Just like I know to come in out of the rain, I know to go see my chiropractor when my back starts to hurt.

I get relief when I go. However, I am also the guy who will complain about his hair being too long and then not go see a barber for another month. I keep doing this with my back too, and I admit that it is stupid. I will hit the ibuprofen bottle in the medicine cabinet because it is quicker than running downtown to see the chiropractor. However, the pain pills only give me a few hours of a little bit of relief. I can get weeks of relief after a couple of visits to my Orland Park chiropractor.

Some folks never seem to have any back trouble. Then there are folks like me who keep having it return. I cannot fix my back permanently, but I have learned what it takes to live without pain. Yes, I do procrastinate and wait too long to see the chiropractor at times. However, when I do go, I come back feeling a whole lot better. Then I promise myself not to wait so long the next time. But I’m feeling good then, and the pain is just a memory. My wife is helping me go early at the first sign of pain now instead of waiting until it gets so bad I can barely move.