I Like to Overdo Things, and My Chiropractor Knows It

I got a recumbent bike to exercise. It is supposed to be easier on my back. It is. There is no doubt about that for me. However, I like to overdo things. Rather than easing back into riding the bicycle, I decided to run 30 miles on the trail the first day. I had stopped riding months ago because my back would hurt riding my regular upright mountain bike. I irritated my sciatic nerve this time, and I stopped on my way home from the trail to see my Santa Rosa chiropractor. I made the staff laugh at my predicament. They warned me, and I did not listen. The doctor just looked at me kind of funny and did the work to help undo what I did to my back.

The treatment helped a lot. I was able to ride five miles the next day with just a twinge of pain. The sciatic nerve runs down your lower back to your foot. Well, that is where you feel the pain anyway. It would burn and then shoot electrical kinds of pain into my big toe. It felt like I was being shocked and burned at the same time. If you have ever had it happen to you, then you know how it feels. It is not comfortable at all.

The treatments at my Santa Rosa chiropractor are covered by my insurance. I make sure when I pick out our policy that chiropractic has a lot of coverage, because I am one of those guys that uses it throughout the year. I like to stay active, but my back gives me a hard time with it. I will keep moving through the pain a lot, then I pay for it by being debilitated for a couple of days. Sometimes, I am out of commission for outdoor activities for a couple of weeks. It was so long without riding my bike that I missed it a lot.