Chiropractic Care from the Beginning of My Pregnancy

When I went to my ob/gyn, I suspected that I was pregnant. I did not want to take a home pregnancy test because I just did not want to get my hopes up. I made the appointment and was able to get in there that same week, which is a rarity! When she told me that I was pregnant, I could not stop crying. She told me everything I needed to know for that particular visit, but the one that surprised me was the suggestion that I look into Sacramento chiropractic care. I had never needed a chiropractor, so I was not sure why I would want to start going to one just because I was pregnant.

She explained that the body changes so much during a pregnancy, and women can experience a lot of joy but a lot of pain as well. She wanted me to stay ahead of the game so the pain would hopefully not come. She explained that women who do not see a chiropractor during their pregnancies often complain of lower back pain, and they are also less active than those who have regular chiropractic care during their pregnancies.

Since I wanted this to go as smoothly as possible, I looked into the different chiropractors in my area. I did not want to wait to see one because I knew that this pregnancy was a miracle in itself, and I wanted everyone who was going to be involved in my care during my pregnancy to be involved from the very beginning. The chiropractor that I chose has had a lot of pregnant patients before, and I was happy that I was able to schedule my appointments with them because of that. I got regular adjustments from that day on, and I thought I would stop after giving birth. I decided that would be a mistake though because I feel incredible for weeks after getting an adjustment done. Even my husband goes on a regular basis now!