Changes in Lifestyle Really Wreaked Havoc on My Back

I used to work outside in the sunshine. I never complained much of back pain before. I had a couple of bouts with what I would call throwing my back out, but they were short term impairments. Then I got a promotion to an inside job. It was not just inside a building, it was in a subterranean level of a building that was pretty far underground. It always felt cool and slightly damp to me where I was working, and that combined with the slow pace had me seeing a chiropractor in Tracy CA for the first time in many years.

My chiropractor recommended I go back to my old routines as much as possible. I requested second shift work in order to be able to spend the mornings outside in the sun. That helped me a lot. However, it was tough to get in the same amount of activity that I had been used to before. I had put on just a few pounds of weight over the year or so at my new job. I was taking it off, but I also noticed that I had lost some strength too. I noticed it when I helped a new person on an outside assignment. I had a bit of trouble holding up to the pace.

The chiropractor in Tracy CA helped me get my back pain resolved with adjustments and other therapies. Losing some weight and regaining muscle encouraged me to keep up with the exercises. It took about six months, but I got my strength and agility back. I have been thinking about going back to outside work just to get out of this basement that makes me feel miserable all over. Some people here think it is great as it is always cool. I want the sunshine and the heat.